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Our Villas

Estrella provides a perfect staycation with it's villas. Each villa is dedicated to our star dogs who are eternal to us and whose memories are cherished forever. 

Estrella , which means star in Spanish, is a tribute of these star dogs who enriched our lives and motivate us everyday to enrich the lives of our

four- legged guests

Striker Large.jpg


Striker Villa

Striker is the ALL TIME Greatest Dog of India! India’s only Dual Champion with a 1st Best in Show placing. He was an obedience champion, a breed champion, an Agility champion. Trained for Schutzhund and French Ring sports. This villa is dedicated to the Numero Uno - Striker!


Sonia Villa

Sonia was Inida's first ever dancing dog. Trained to heel walk to music, she waltzed her way into the hearts of one and all. Gentle to the core, she came into her own once the music played! She was also a breed champion. This Villa is dedicated to the queen of hearts - Sonia!

Sonia Painting.jpg
Joppa painting.jpg


Joppa Villa

Joppa is the only Jack Russel Terrier obedience champion in India. He was a Dual chapion in breed and in obedience. He was also star of the Telugu feature film Godavari. This villa is dedicated to our shooting star - Joppa!


Badshah Villa

Badshah is our all-time HIGHEST scorer in obedience tests. He scored a perfect 300/300 and went on to become an Obedience Champion as well as a Breed Champion.

This viila is dedicated to Mr Perfect - Badshah!

Badshah Painting.jpg
Rowdy Painting.jpg


Rowdy Villa

Rowdy was our first Schutzhund protection dog. He roughed it in the field guarding our client locations every night of his life. He even lost an eye in an assault, but did not let go of the the culprit! Lore has it that he fathered more than 500 puppies in his lifetime!

This Villa is dedicated to the bravest dog we ever had.


Sultan Villa

Sultan was our first ever explosive detection dog. With him we commenced a new era of dog training in India. He was also a dancing dog and enthralled audiences all over the country.

This Villa is dedicated to the ruler of hearts - Sultan!

sultan painting.jpg
Fedex painting.jpg


Fedex Villa

Fedex was India's only Miniature Pinscher Obedience Champion.

A pocket dynamite, he would impress judges and spectators alike. This Villa is dedicated to our spunkiest dog ever!


King Villa

King was our first Narcotic Detection Dog. He was an agility champion and a natural hunter with high search drive.

This villa is dedicated to the King of all detection dogs!

King Painting.jpg
Pipi Painting.jpg


Pipi Villa

Pipi was India’s first ever agility trained dog. She was fast as cheetah with the grace of swan! She was a fleet footed born athlete who won many accolades in her agility career.

This Villa is dedicated to our fastest dog !

This Villa is dedicated to the bravest dog we ever had.


Straus Villa

Strauss was our first imported Malinois and the first dog to demonstrate IPO in India. He also is the first dog to demonstrate Mondio Ring Sport in India. He has repeatedly amazed everyone with his speed, athleticism and courage.

This Villa is dedicated to the dynamic - Strauss.

Strauss Painting.jpg
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