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Estrella believes in making memories that last for a life-time. We offer the ideal space and ambience in our dog resort cum dog hotel for you to celebrate an important day or birthday of your pet and experience your pet love. We assist you in planning, designing and managing this special day. Why should pet-guardians have all the fun? Your four-legged bundle wo-of joy deserves all the joy at all the parties. 

Birthday Pawties!

Estrella boosts the  joy of birthday celebrations for your four-legged buddy!

We provide the perfect ambience, resources, support and space to organize the birthday of your pet.

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School Visits

Plan exciting excursions for your school kids and let them inculcate love towards animals. Let the school kids be guests to the most adorable and lovable hosts. A perfect destination for children to spend their day.


Dog's Day Out

Get your doggos for a day out and let them unwind with all the play- area space and activities.

We organise fun day outs that your dog will just love! Contact us to know when the next day out is planned. See you there!


Corporate Events

Estrella provides a perfect and tranquil space for you to host your corporate event too. Yes, you read that right! We provide you ample space for conducting those monotonous events at such an exciting place

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