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Welcome to the abode of serenity

Nestled in the green paradise, near Kompally, Estrella, a pet wellness luxury dog resort and dog hotel, a first of its kind in India, ensures unconditional and boundless love and care for your furry angels. Let your wonderful little creatures immerse in rustic tranquility with luxurious amenities at the perfect nature getaway. Estrella offers your pet a chance to enjoy nature, rejuvenate and enjoy life to the fullest. Estrella is a perfect dog daycare and staycation for your pets

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The vast space provided is an impeccable staycation for that bundle of joy to relax and revitalize their body and soul. India’s only pet wellness luxury resort and dog day care is complemented by the calming influence of the elements of nature. A perfect dog park in Hyderabad to reward your little pet with a refreshing break.

Estrella is where the pet world begins. Most pets sprawl around the house and get bored doing nothing all day. In close proximity to nature, now they can spend their time learning new stuff with our planned leisure undertakings like nature walks in the dog park, play zones and a dog swimming pool along with a lot of other activities. It would be a pleasant experience for you to see your dog swimming in the pool.

Spacious and elegant accommodations

A staycation could never have been this lavish for your fur buddies. Estrella offers exquisitely designed luxury villas that are high in comfort and easy on their paws.  While relaxing in one of the most comfortable spaces, your furry amigo can enjoy luxuries like plush beds, air-conditioned kennels for dogs and rooms and a television to sit back and watch – and relax.

With over 150sqft of independent spaces, swaying trees and a serene dog pool, every villa has its own sun deck and open run in the front with huge windows, as if extending into the landscape. Dog kennels in Hyderabad with a lively environment, close to nature and infinite paw-sitivity is all that is needed for those cuties to unwind.

The Spa

Indulge your pet in our dog spa and allow us to take them on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation. An ethereal experience in the dog spa in Hyderabad awaits with our complete wellness packages that put your pet at ease and help relieve their stress with our magical dog massage to pamper and give them the much deserved pause.


Estrella is fortunate to have the most adorable clientele and thus strives to give them the most lavish and contented stay. With amenities like air-conditioned kennels for dogs, luxurious and spacious villas to swimming pools for dogs and hydro & dog massage therapies, Estrella pampers your cherubs in the best way paw-sibble.


Estrella believes in making memories that last for a lifetime. We offer the ideal space and ambience for you to celebrate an important day or birthday of your pet and experience your pet love. We assist you in planning, designing and managing this special day.


Our entire team has been trained in ‘Low-Stress Handling’ by Hunde Training Specialist – Germany.

‘Low-Stress Handling’ is a series of techniques and methodology where students are trained to identify stress signals and handle the pet without creating any anxiety in them. 

These skills are particularly useful for:

·       Handling shy dogs

·       General check ups

·       Massage Therapies

·       Veterinary Examination

Estrella strives for the well- being and holistic growth of your pet’s well-being. We are a comprehensive package of all that makes your furry angels wag their tails in happiness. Think of Estrella when you want to have a vacation and want them to have one too.

What are Pet Parents like you saying?

Commando Kennels has been second home for my pets.  their professionalism, dedication and passion always impresses me. I am looking forward to Estrella opening ...

Ms Devikaa
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